Active and passive splitters to split your signal right.

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Need a splitter for your guitar, bass, keyboard, or other instrument? How about splitting a stereo signals. Saturnworks has you covered with a variety of options to cover your splitting specs.

Splitters may be broadly categorized as either active or passive. Not sure which type is right for your setup? Check out our FAQ section for more detailed information on passive versus active splitters.

Passive Summer/Splitter

A handy little passive splitter/summer pedal that passively splits or sums signals — available in two or three channel versions.

The passive stereo summer/splitter passively splits or sums one pair of signals into two pairs, or vice versa. The channels can also be used individually for mono passive splitting/summing.

Unlike Y-cables, which simply wire the jacks together, Saturnworks passive summer/splitters use a passive resistor network to minimize levels interaction between channels. 

TRS to TS TS Separator/Combiner

The TRS to TS TS separator doesn’t really split your signal. Rather, it separates the two channels of a stereo (TRS) signal into two separate TS channels. Basically a pedal version of a TRS to two TS  y-cable. It can also be set up in reverse to combine two TS signals into a TRS signal.

Buffered Splitter, Bass Buffered Splitter, Splitters with Switches and Level Controls

The Saturnworks buffered splitter is the best way to split your signal. The Saturnworks splitter features two buffers, one on each side of the split. Since each output has its own buffer, your signal also stays crystal clear over long cable runs.

The versions with switches and level controls add (you guessed it) switches and level controls. The level controls only cut volume. If you’re looking to boost your outputs, the versions with clean boosts have discreet clean boosts circuits on each output to provide more oomph to your signal.

3-Way and 4-Way Splitters

Drawing on the same active circuitry as the buffered splitter, Saturnworks 3 and 4-way splitters takes a single input and splits it into three or four outputs. Each channel of the split has it own buffer, which means strong output signals and zero tone or level loss.

The 2:4 splitter splits two inputs to two pairs of outputs, using the same buffered splitting circuits as the 2, 3, and 4-output splitters. This version works great for splitting a stereo signal.

Pan Pedal & Bass Pan Pedal

Everyone knows how an A/B pedal works…camera one/camera two. How about a pedal that seamlessly pans your guitar back and forth between two amps? Say hello to the Saturnworks pan pedal.

You can set the knob fully counterclockwise for one output, fully clockwise for the other, or anywhere in between to blend the two. A Dunlop rubber knob cover makes turning the knob with your foot a breeze. The Saturnworks pan pedal uses dual active buffers for smooth panning across two outputs without tone loss. If you only have one amp plugged in, you can use the pan pedal as a buffered volume control.

New for 2018: the pan pedal now uses a unique ‘blend’ pot. Rather than criss-crossing each other like an X, with a possible volume dip in the middle, the blend pot maintains the outputs’ signals at full volume at the midway point. The pot also features a center detent, so you can easily tell when you’re at the 50/50 mark. 

Saturnworks pedals are handcrafted in the USA with boutique-grade features, including:

  • Solid cast-aluminum enclosures.
  • High quality footswitches, where applicable.
  • Quality Neutrik jacks — or premium Swithcraft jacks on the black versions.
  • Active pedals run on standard 9v DC center-negative power.
  • A 1-year warranty against parts and manufacturing defects.

Please note: The pedals in the images are stock photos and not the actual pedals you will receive. The pedals you receive may vary in their graphics, knob colors, and/or LED colors, where applicable. We have our graphics options here.

Check out our Youtube channel for pedal demos and our Instagram for custom work and promos.

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