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Please send questions regarding orders, shipping, or warranty/return requests to:

Please note: We send order confirmation and shipping notification messages to the email address you provide upon completing your order. If you’re inquiring to ask why you may not have received these messages, please check your spam/junk mail (or the ‘social’ or ‘promotions’ tabs if you have Gmail). Customers regularly contact us asking why they haven’t received order confirmation messages and/or shipping notifications, only to later find them in their spam folder. 

Please send questions about custom work, technical information, and other general inquiries to: 

Please contact us through these email addresses, rather than social media. We check our email a lot more often than our social media. You can also reach out to us through the contact links on our Reverb and Etsy listings. It’s generally best to reach out to us on those platforms regarding purchases made there. 

We try to answer messages as quickly as possible. We generally don’t respond to inquiries over weekends. However, we usually get to weekend messages the following Monday. 

Please note: Saturnworks does not have a phone number. We do not offer phone support or consultations. We can only be reached via email. 

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting us. We of course love to hear from customers, but our FAQs page lists answers to (you guessed it) common questions. Browsing our FAQs page may save you from having to take time to shoot us a message. Our FAQs page also has general pedal information as well as tips to help you figure out which devices may be best for your needs. 

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