We are honored to craft tools that help others expand their art. Here is a tiny sampling of the testimonials/reviews customers have sent or posted over the years. If you would like to tell us how you use your Saturnworks pedals, please send your comments to the contact info listed on our contact page. While we don’t host reviews on our site, we encourage you to check out our feedback pages on Reverb, where you can see over 13,000 5-star ratings for our shop, and Etsy for reviews of our pedals and service on third-party platforms.


Brandon. August 15th, 2023

I got this for connecting my guitar and a modular synth to my pedal board. Works great, smaller than I thought, saving room on my board, and doesn’t need power. I will definitely buy from Saturnworks next time I’m in need of utility (Etsy.com).

Tom T. April 3, 2020

I purchased the A/B with LED to switch channels on my Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb. It works perfectly. It’s quiet, no hissing or popping and the size really saves space on the pedal board. For me, the LED takes the guessing out of which channel I’m using. This is a great pedal for a great price. I am so glad that I found Saturnworks Pedals. I saw you on Reverb when looking for a switch for my JHS Double Barrel, then I went to your site and found the A/B box too. Bought them both. Thanks for making awesome pedals.

James December 30, 2016

Ordered one a while ago and have been very pleased with the results. While on the road I’ve used it to run two full stack bass rigs with no issues. Able to control both levels individually without losing any quality or having cross talk over the channels. Road tested and approved. Built sturdy, compact, and no batteries!


James F. February 24, 2023

This pedal arrived today & the design is sweet, the shooting star has a William Blake feel to it. i like how the pedal feels like it could survive a nuclear strike. my purpose for buying this was so that i could split my acoustic (that i let run through my psychedelic pedalboard & amp) so that i could have a clean & dry acoustic signal as its own channel on my mixerboard, as well. i have been very impressed with how nicely & no-nonsensely it accomplishes this. huzzah! (Reverb.com).

Tim July 5, 2017

Great product! Couldn’t find a simple active aby for bass at all, let alone one at this price. Does exactly what it should and looks good doing it. Thanks to Saturnworks and to TalkBass for cluing me in.

Tony S. October 10, 2017

I ordered a buffered ABY switch on a Tuesday, and wanted it in time for a Saturday gig. Brian worked with me to get it express mailed and it arrived Saturday am… Worked as expected and allowed selection of 2 amps. The design is compact and I had no noticeable noise or interference. This was about half the price of other buffered ABY switches.

Thanks…..I’d order more stuff from you…

Amp/Device Switches

Allan B October 14th, 2022 

I’ve bought a few things from Saturn. They are a great place to find ‘a box that will do that thing’ and they ship their high quality boxes quickly and well packed. They are my go to now for things like this and they should be yours too! A+++ Reverb Shop!! (Reverb.com)

Mark September 14th, 2022

Saturnworks are amazing!!! They did some work customizing on a level that others just won’t do. I’m quite OCD and picky and these pedals and mods were PERFECT! THANK YOU Saturnworks! (Reverb.com

Thomas June 12, 2018

Got a latching single switch in a custom finish. The price was good and Bryan made sure I got exactly what I wanted. It’s perfect. Thanks!

Blake September 22, 2018

Perfect! Looks great on my pedalboard. Small size makes it fit perfectly anywhere in my board. Channel switches my Mesa Dual Rectifier silently. Less than half what you’d pay for a Mesa switch. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks!!

Fielding May 6, 2019

I ordered the latching double switch with LEDs and internal power to use in place of a Vox VFS2a footswitch. The pedal works flawlessly as an on/off toggle for the tremolo & reverb on my AC-15. It’s smaller, cheaper, and probably sturdier than the Vox alternative. Different colored LEDs for each switch is an improvement too. Thanks SW!

David October 11, 2019

Bryan is great at communication and customer service. He messages you back immediately. I had a hum problem (from the amp) with the externally-powered amp switch I bought but I exchanged it for an internally powered one and now there’s no hum. (Amp is a Jet City 100H). I mailed the externally-powered switch back and Bryan exchanged it for the internally-powered one in the blink of an eye. Took no more than six days. 

Also, I love Saturnworks graphics. Space is the place!

Tom Tabor April 3, 2020

I bought the Micro Latching Single Switch for my JHS Double Barrel pedal. This pedal works perfectly and looks cool too. Can’t ask for a better switch at any price, and this one is less expensive. Thanks for making great pedals. I also bought an A/B box with LED that is awesome.


Mark C. April 9, 2022

Of all the buffers I own, yours is the first time I had a noticeable difference, clearer & cleaner sound with your buffer and yours alone in line and first in the chain.

Garegin February 2, 2018

I was looking for a splitter to split my guitar signal between the amp and audio interface, for recording without latency (helps with practicing too). This pedal works great for that purpose as well as for stereo setups.

Didn’t notice any signal loss placing it in front of 5 pedals. It’s very solid and looks better, than in picture.
Bryan even did a little layout customization for me. Excellent service.

Considering the price I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

James P. August 7, 2020

Saturnworks’ buffers and splitters are at the heart of my sound! Always perfect. Always flawless. Always silent! Thank you so much! I’ve recorded three albums using my Saturnworks gear! Kind regards (Reverb.com).

Daniel I. July 16th, 2021

[Phase inverting buffer] works like a dream. Now I can use one guitar on both channels of an old Fender, and have no phase issues. Thanks a lot! (Reverb.com)

Chris C. January 18th, 2022

This [black buffer] is my second Saturn pedal. The specs and build are great. Don’t expect a fancy silkscreened box or fluffy packaging for this price. Just expect to get what you might pay double for somewhere else. (Reverb.com)

Dark Matter & Clean Boost

Jeremy I. January 11, 2023

Great pedal, warm tone, exactly what I was looking for. Boost switch isn’t huge, but that’s not why I bought this; it’s just enough. Excellent customer service as well: pedal was damaged in shipping, though not obvious to look at it. Plugged it in, the tube switch wasn’t functioning properly. Contacted seller, was issued prepaid return immediately w/ express shipping. They took a look, connection came loose in transit. Repaired and shipped back to me super fast. Highly recommend Saturnworks! (reverb.com)

David F. December 31, 2022 

This replaced my 1990s H&K Tubeman. I use the pre-amp/boost (white knob) to perfectly dial in the mono input signal strength into my TC Electronic SCF Gold Stereo Chorus Flanger BUT the tube side offers an amazing range of warm to distorted tones, like my Marshall tube amp. *Maybe better* With a real tube to enhance my tone, this pedal “always on” (#1 in my effects loop) and everything just sounds so much better! It’s gotta be that tube. Nice graphics too! Get one and you won’t regret it. (reverb.com

James I. December 1, 2021 

Glad to have discovered Saturnworks unique products. Kristen was great replying very quickly on off hours to my messages/ questions. The order was processed on time especially given it was placed on Black Friday, day after Thanksgiving and a day before weekend. I have ordered 3 pedals so far from them, 2 on Etsy and this last one here on Reverb (reverb.com). 

Andy Buschmann April 14, 2016

This is a well made little booster. The knob and switch have high a quality feel. The paint and peppermint graphics are nice.

I was a bit surprised to find that “zero” does not give unity gain. At full CCW you get no sound. Below about 11:00 the output is actually lower than when off. From there on up plenty of gain available. Turned all the way down this booster can be used as a mute switch. Up to about 11:00 it can cut volume if you need that. From 11:00 up it is a boost. I use it with my Telecaster for more output to match my Carvin’s humbuckers, and to boost the signal of my new Electro-Harmonix Mel9 “mellotron in a box” 

This is my second Saturnworks purchase. Bryan is helpful and answers questions fast! Good quality, USA made, nice prices, fantastic shipping policy. Great!

Just wanted to say thanks for the Tube Drive pedal! Im in LOVE. As an electronic musician, 90% of my guitar is recorded and played live through DI and this preamp really thickens up the tone tremendously. Ive gotten major compliments from other guitarists about when i play out live, so for that i thank you…
JR Schramm (Chicago, USA)

Chris May 31, 2016

This pedal sounds amazing with both guitar and lapsteel. 

It’s got a sweet n’dirty tone that you can dial in many ways .. and it always cleans up nicely with a turn of the guitar’s volume knob. 

If I dial it in just right, I can get three or so tones on the way down. Volume 10 is snarling, 8 is creamy blues, and 5 is sparkly clean but still very present.

As far as steel goes .. it’s just the cherry on top of any rig. My ol’ National New Yorker through a 72′ Fender Twin, goes from sounding like it’s saying aloha into grinding vintage blues with this beauty juicing the line. 

From Maui to Kansas City with the stomp of a foot.

Dustin Yager January 29, 2018

I finally got the chance to play around with my new Darkmatter overdrive and holy cow, man! This is absolutely hands down the best OD pedal I’ve ever used. It makes my Morgan AC20 sing. Not only is the tube side amazing but the boost circuit is better on its own than my ep booster. You should be charging double for these! Anyway, thanks for making such a fantastic product. I’ve bought and sold dozens of ODs over the years but this one isn’t going anywhere.

Demir Ateser January 15, 2019

This pedal is awesome! It’s like sweet n crunchy candy. Yes – you can get some screaming distortion going. The combination overdrive and preamp made it easy to locate several sweet spots where I can use my guitars volume to go from lean to downright nasty.


Grant October, 2022

Useful, well-built little bit o’ guitar gear [double expression]. One diminutive device using up a tiny bit of pedal board real estate lets me control the gain on a Boss OD-200, and a gazillion different parameters for every effect on a TCE Plethora X5 without having to bend over and twist knobs. Forty five bucks, give or take, greatly expanded the usability of about 800 dollars worth of effects pedals. Easy to connect and use (Etsy.com). 

J.D. March 12, 2016

Thank You Saturnworks team!
I just received the compact TRS expression knob in perfect condition. I’ve had only bad experiences with other brands and their expression pedals in the past but this expression knob has given me the control over my effects that I’ve been looking for! I have now tested it with an EHX Memory Boy, EHX PitchFork, EHX Holy Stain, and the EQD Rainbow Machine and it performs perfectly with all four effects (not all at the same time obviously!). It really adds a ton of character to the Memory Boy and PitchFork. Saturnworks has already posted a video about the Memory Boy. The Saturnworks Expression Knob also really opens the possibilities of pitch-shifting with the PitchFork. I can now “tune” the pitchfork to go beyond its face shift values and now i can dial in minor 3rds, minor 6ths, major 7ths, triads, and any of those and more going several octaves up and/or down!!! and it can control the momentary glide time in the PitchForks unlatched mode….just absolutely out-of-this-world control with this neat little knob. I think i’m going to velcro it to the pickguard of my strat. My measurements suggest that the whammy bar will still rotate a full 360 degrees ? The micro version of your TRS knob must be “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” size ?

Simon January 18, 2017

Got the micro sized TRS expression pedal for my EHX Memory Boy. It’s tiny! But it does exactly what it should. International order was a completely trouble free experience.


Clarence F. – Jul 14th, 2023
Works to tame the volume of my Epiphone Blues 30. I now can push the amp and get tube tones at “bedroom“ levels. It works fine without an effects loop. Built like a tank with quality components. Passive and easy to use. I contacted Saturn Works and they explained the device to me and advised me that it would do what I needed it to do. I’m not an electrical engineer, just a country Bluesman. The gentleman I messaged was helpful and friendly. Contact them directly for any questions on their gear (Reverb.com).

Sunsinger March 9, 2018

The volume knob on my OB-6 keyboard sucks. I plugged one of the Compact TRS into the expression of the keyboard. It works waaay better than the stock knob on the OB, and
it does a better job of graduating he volume. More definition. And NO tedious use of a footpedal. I use it on my Voyager too. And it works on many of my guitar pedals.

I need more of these!

Feedback Looper

@infn8loopmusicI August 22, 2023

absolutely love this [feedback looper] pedal. I have the bigger version with the switch. It’s basically a secret weapon that can take any other pedal and magnify it’s effects x11. The favorite thing I have used with it so far is the JHS lizard Queen octave fuzz. If you want a real Hendrix-playing-live solo sound, this is it. You can’t do it with feedback! You want that Jack White momentary kill-switch thing. Yep. This can do it.
It’s also great for delays and reverbs. It’s like a secret weapon. ???(Youtube.com)

Michael Huff January 12, 2018

This is a really weird, soundscape-esque pedal that turns your guitar into a crazy drone machine! It takes a little while to get used to, and has very different effects based on what’s in the effects loop, but once you find your sound in it, it’s golden! A wonderful deal for the price, it keeps me guessing and doesn’t appear to have any limits to the sounds it can produce in different situations. Thanks Bryan!

Dereck W. Dew May 25, 2017

I received the feedback looper you sent, & i love it! The artwork decal looks amazing & professional. My artwork appears as though it was made for the pedal design (this impressed myself & many artist friends who took a look at the pedal). How serendipitous! I do have some questions regarding sequencing pedals before & after the looper (specifically to do with distortion cancelling the loop &/or vice versa), but i have yet to try all possible sequence combinations with my rig, so the questions will wait until i have exhausted all permutations. I’m already interested in an expression pedal modification (which you’ve done for another). Yesterday i managed to loop a tech21 sansamp (Ritchie Kotzen ed.) distortion & delay with a ts808 & danelectro Fabtone distortions. These combinations gave me more than x6 feedback sound options! The real interesting part happened when i buried my tone & volume knobs (to quiet the squelching). I could pitch bend, at will, with both or either of the tone & volume knobs! I played through a les paul with dual humbuckers, so this offered another three tonal variations! I put this to task with a bandmate, whose jaw kept hitting the floor as we played; outcome: we could play a show with just the guitars and the aforementioned variations to the boredom of no audience (our fans enjoy risk-taking in live performance). Just damned amazing! On the sansamp: the way it conditions the signal offers a means to bring back in the feedback swell–like breathing: feedback=bubble out/ expansion; sansamp=bubble in/contraction. In summation, the way i combined effects afforded me more than ten varieties of controlled feedback, so Thank You very much from one extremely satisfied customer!

Headphone Amp

Toby October 12, 2016

Solid, Sounds great, behaves like a regular pre-amp.
I use it for quiet after-the-kids-are-asleep practicing/tone questing and in a loop-switcher channel with my sampling pedals, I can preview what’s happening before I unleash it. 

Like all the SW things, it’s built to last.

Chris D. – Aug 5th, 2023

Arrived today in great condition – playing this alongside my Strymon Iridium so I can practise silently (since the Iridium itself doesn’t offer an aux in) and it does the job perfectly. Genuinely hard to find something like this on the market so glad that Saturnworks Pedals makes them. Well worth the wait for US shipping (Reverb.com). 

Kill Switch

David Ruijgvoorn May 16, 2018

Really cool pedal. Built to last and it gives a little extra while playing live. People are always looking how I do the stuttering during feedbacking my guitar.

Mike C. September 18, 2018

This is an awesome little gadget!
High quality and can take a beating??

Andy December 26, 2018

I use the latching kill switch with my acoustic guitar on gigs. The LED is wired to be on when the signal is off. Top quality pedal! Order from Saturn Works with confidence!

Chris W. July 1, 2020

Great quality, and even better price!
The soldering is NASA spec all day, quality components, and the graphics look amazing. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. That fuzz pedal is screaming at me.

Multi/Parallel/ Blender Loopers

Gage D. – Jul 26th, 2023
SaturnWorks is one of the absolute best small guitar and audio companies I have ordered from, super informative, lots of customization and options, affordable, simple, and great service. I will always turn to them for simpler pedalboard needs (Reverb.com).

Jean A. January 14th, 2022

Beautiful pedal [5-looper w/volume controls], built like a tank, works well, great quality build. Kirsten is very cool to explain things when you have questions. One path signal, useful if you have to isolate or bypass some not true bypass pedals or pedals with no volume, as say Saturnworks Pedals. It also adding a master volume control to each loop with unwanted volume boost when pedal engaged (Reverb.com). 

Christian M. January 11, 2022

Thank you so much for the kickass switch received today. Your turn-around time was excellent. Your packing job was excellent. And your status update was appreciated. Am very much looking forward to building out my board now. Have a great day Kirsten! (you know how to get it done) (reverb.com). 

Arnaldo A. December 29, 2021 

Holy cow! I just discovered this company and they are amazing! Customer service is top notch (and super patient***), and the pedal I got from them is unbelievably amazing in quality and personality! The next daydream I have, I will ask them first! Will buy from again! Rock on! (reverb.com). 

Patrick November 21, 2021

Fast shipping. This pedal (true bypass looper with blend control) is so incredibly useful and inspiring! Run your old sovtek BMP and blend in some clean signal…scout’s honor your live tone will sound like a recording. Thanks Saturnworks, I love this pedal!!! (reverb.com)

Mark November 24th, 2021

Very well built. The internal wiring and soldering is very good. I am an electronics tech as well as a guitarist and I can tell good workmanship. Solid components. I would buy from this company again (Etsy.com).

Robert March 5th, 2017

A truly inspiring piece of equipment! Seriously, the sounds you can create with this are only limited by your imagination. Never skip a pedal because it doesn’t have a blend/mix knob, no need with this pedal. Of course, that’s a very small part of what this can do. Distortion with a clean reverb? Several different dirts blended into a new never heard tone? How about modulation on your delay repeats without altering your tone? I’ve barely scratched the surface, and a previous reviewer was absolutely correct when he said that every pedal becomes a candidate for you rig. (I wonder how that really over-the-top flanger would sound blended in the background of my lead tone?) You can even use this more conventionally and switch between different effects chains; if you ask me one extra push on a footswitch to A-B is well worth the ability to blend parallel chains when you want to, and trust me, even if you don’t know it yet, you want to!

Build quality is excellent, like a rock. I took a peek inside and the wiring and soldering is very clean and well thought out. Great sound quality, these buffers are great! If you have a long chain of pedals and have never used a buffer, you will notice a huge difference, I didn’t realize how much treble I was losing before. 

Brian is very accommodating and easy to do with business with. I had some customizations I wanted and he did so for a very reasonable price and I’m extremely satisfied with those aforementioned modifications. And the custom graphic I wanted came out great and seems like it will stand the test of time.

I can without hesitation recommended Saturnworks Pedals to anyone!

Brian S. October 12, 2016

I purchased the 4 Parallel Looper for my daughter after struggling to blend various effects into a desired tone. We were hopeful that the looper would solve this problem and we were not let down. The pedal has done exactly what we wanted. In particular, allowing a little fuzz to be introduced to the distortion without affecting the volume levels of the individual effects. To top it off, we run a clean channel like the video for a sweet blend. We’ve had this for months and have only scratched the surface of possibilities.

As for the pedal unit, it’s a piece of art. Saturnworks makes quality, artistic and clear sounding devices. Adding the flexibility to customize the pedal to my daughters likes was another topper. Bright LED’s and cool artwork. Top notch all the way.

We love it (and I just get to be her sound assistant – so much fun). Many thanks Bryan!!!

Brian December 30, 2015

This pedal (the 4 Parallel Looper), like all looper pedals, is an investment in infrastructure which is never fun but always pays off. And holy heck it’s way cooler than any other looper on the market. Making the switch from serial to parallel has opened up worlds of tones that for me were only previously possible in my computer.
Warning: Every pedal you see will become a candidate for your rig. This pedal is relatively inexpensive for what it does, but nothing hurts like realizing you want 4 different pedals for your rig that each cost a bunch than this looper. Using this looper makes seemingly disparate effects work together with a little tinkering and know how.

Now on to the pedal itself, it’s well constructed, and after a dozen or so noise punk shows and a tour it’s never so much as hiccuped. It has a lot of head room, which adversely gives my amps a run for their money. (Speaking of amps, before this pedal I had to run two different amps with different pedal chains together to get the same sounds.) I really don’t have any complaints, but I do have a couple of notes that took some getting used to, and I think you need to be ready for when taking the plunge.

1) While the pedal master bypass is true bypass, the individual channels aren’t. I figured this out on accident with my freeze pedal which was sustaining a chord, when I turned off the channel it kept ringing, but no longer passed signal from my guitar. This is a mixed blessing. On one hand I can really pull some fun tricks out by using my whammy on the freeze pedal to change the chord while playing with out affecting any riffs I’m playing, but I then have to do the double tap to disable the freeze when I’m really done with it. (I don’t like double taps). This is also nice when I’m playing with a lot of verb and delay as it lets the tails die off naturally instead of suddenly. But then you also need to make sure your pedals aren’t too noisey with out any signal running to them, which really you should do anyway.

2) This isn’t a fault of the pedal but more a reality of running your signals like this… Currently I have 15 pedals on my board (I may have a problem), and 2 pedal power and a one spot to handle it, the one spot is literally just for the Whammy. Running your system parallel is a totally different wiring game than serial. Suddenly making sure you don’t have your signal and power lines up in each others business is way harder. And occasionally you’ll find that a particular set up may make a weird ground loop, for instance, most recently my mxr double shot would produce a hum when it was left on and it’s channel was turned off, though oddly the hum disappeared when the channel was on and I wasn’t playing (this goes back to first note about the receive jack not being bypassed), but in each case this kind of issue was fixed but adjusting my wiring. Again, I feel like this falls in the category of something that should be handled by good technique on the consumer’s side.

While the paragraphs for those notes are long, they’re really small problems. This looper changed everything for me, and now instead of hauling around 2 heavy sets of amp heads and cabinets I just haul one set and a really heavy pedal board. And it’s totally worth it. I now have access to way more sounds than I did previously, and balancing the channels on the looper is way easier than balancing two amps making for much more consistent sound when playing gigs. If you really want to take your sound to new levels, this is how you do it.Unapprove | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash

Abraham Montgomery August 5th, 2020

Just wanted to come here to say that this [2 parallel looper w/dry channel] is one of the most inspiring pedals I’ve ever put on my board. I could go on and on about the wonderful sonic creations this thing has allowed me to make, and the fact that you can customize the color of the LEDs, graphic and knob colors just makes this an all around very special part of pedalboards journey. I have unending gratitude to Saturnworks and everything they’ve done for me as a musician (from YouTube).


Michael September 13th, 2022

This is a really well-built device. It functions as expected with amazing transparency. You simply can’t beat this thing for the cost/value. Great comms from Saturnworks. I anticipate being a repeat customer (Reverb.com). 


This is an extremely transparent reamp box. Once you match the input gain going into the amp to that of the actual guitar, it not only sounds indistinguishable, it also “looks” indistinguishable from the frequency response. On top of that, it’s extremely quiet, with no discernible noise being added. Great product! It’s best not to think of this as a “budget” reamp box, instead as a high quality reamp built by a small company with low overhead! (Reverb.com). 


It does exactly what it is supposed to do – in my case I needed to take a line level to instrument level in order to play nice with existing rig. Graphics are very cool as well (Reverb.com)


It’s a great box to compliment your home recording setup. The build is super solid and cables stay put when plugged in. You can get a decent amount of control of the volume that comes out of it (especially good when going into a dirty preamp). It sounds equally at home supplying signal to my guitar rig and the ground lift is great! Oh and the graphics are quite cool too! (Reverb.com


Most times I need to work on my music late night, so recording my tube amp at low volume leaves much to be desired sonically. The Saturnworks reamp box let’s me re-rerecord my parts at full-volume later when the time is right. The price is incredible for such a solid well-made piece of gear and it’s made in the USA. (Reverb.com)


Thus far great product. I’ve been using it to run tracks from my DAW through a few different pedals. Definitely gives it a warmer signal. Haven’t tried using it to record through an amp with a mic, but I’m looking forward to it. From my experience it gives it a slightly darker, warmer sound with a little grit, just my opinion. No word on the hum and the grounding switch. No issues yet. (Reverb.com


Bill H. – Aug 5th, 2023

[micro splitter/summer] Excellent products! I have used Saturnworks products for a number of years and they are reliable and super high quality. Also, they are easy to communicate with and I will definitely continue to do business with them! (Reverb.com)

Jay Brown November 28, 2015

Active 2-Channel Mixer With MP3 Mod…

I have been wanting something like this for a long time. I’ve been playing guitar for 40 years. Never professionally. As a lead player with no band I usually play along with whatever I’m listening to on the stereo. This mixer allows me to take my music away from my media room and allows me to play along with an MP3 player and a portable amp. I can also record some friends who play rhythm guitar so I can play along with them whenever they are not available.

Working with Brian was easy. He immediately understood what I was looking for and provided it in a timely manner.

Elijah Hennig July 6, 2017

Absolutely great! Arrived very quickly (I am in Canada) and the product worked exactly as described, love that it’s passive, and it’s helped streamline my live rig significantly! I love this company and I’m so glad that they exist! ?

Jimmy Miller April 3, 2018

Fantastic product and service! Had my little active 2-channel summing box with no knobs or switches for a year now and it always delivers on my gigs where I double on upright and electric bass. Would have written a review sooner had I know you could do reviews on here.

Daniel Burke-Aguero June 28, 2018

Clean look; quality product, does exactly what I asked for, quick arrival. Cant ask for more from a handmade pedal company! Will be looking at purchasing more of these from Saturnworks!

David Schwan February 5, 2020

I recently bought a Active 2 channel mixer with MP3 mod. I finally have the missing piece to my pedalboard. The problem I was having was that I was trying to combine the signal from Boss GP 10 with a signal from a Roland SD50. When I combined them through a passive (other brand) pedal the volume and quality would decrease making it hard to use in a live setting. I tried a more expensive passive pedal and got the same results. After several months I had almost given up on the idea when I came across Saturnworks. On the website you will find an excellent explanation describing the difference between active and passive summer mixer pedals. I asked Bryan a few more questions which he was more than happy to answer so I went ahead and bought this pedal. Excellent workmanship quality – no buzzing or irritating noises. Bryan even explained the possibility of adding the Mp3 mod so that I could swap out the sound module for a small computer running Studio One with nice string sounds. It was worth the little extra money. It will make my live gigs so much nicer. Here is a man who runs a specialized business and really does it well. Thanks Bryan

Justin Jay July 27, 2020

2 Channel Active Summer…

Purchased this after emailing a few specific questions to Bryan (each of which he answered personally & promptly). 2 things I love about it… 1) LOVE the summer, it’s doing exactly what I need (in my case combining guitar & a percussion stompbox together before sending into a looper for live-looping gigs…2) LOVE working with a responsive, smaller company who builds by hand–and CARES.
HIGHLY recommend, no need to hesitate on ordering from them, and I’ll surely be looking to SaturnWorks for many future needs!


John April 9, 2015

Just received my buffered Splitter yesterday and it has made all the difference in the world in the quality of my signal . No high end or clarity loss any more going through the pedals I have. Thanks for a great product at a great price!

Adrian August 13, 2015

I bought one of these to split the signal from my guitar between my PC and Amp. 

As a beginner I’m finding it really useful for practice with computer learning tools like Yousician and Rocksmith 2014. Programs where the simulated effects are terrible and don’t stand out enough for you to distinguish your own instrument properly.

With the splitter I can turn down the in game guitar and dial in my amp. Instead of pressing and picking too hard to hear bends and legato techniques in order to hear them. I was fighting the guitar, now its more like caressing the guitar and it’s much easier to play. Plus it’s really obvious when you make a mistake.

Speaking of mistakes. Initially as a newbie with my first pedal. I didn’t use a 9v adapter specifically designed for guitar which has reverse polarity to normal mainstream adapters. As I found out wrong polarity will damage many pedals including this one.

I was sorted out in this case, Saturnworks customer support was exceptional. I thought it worth mentioning the power supply to avoid others making the same newbie mistake.

Toby October 12, 2016

I have the two-channel splitter with level control and switches and it’s RAD. All kinds of signal routing options! I use it ahead of all my pedals to keep a dedicated clean channel for recording. I use it on a channel in my loop-switcher to generate a separate output for sampled sounds. It’s well made and does it’s job admirably.

Kim December 10, 2016

I’ve been using the Buffered Splitter from Saturnworks for a few months now. I have to say the quality is second to none, and the price was very reasonable. I could not run my guitar rig as effectively without it, as I need the guitar’s signal split into two different and independently controlled paths to separate amps; each signal path has it’s own effects. There is no signal loss or degradation, and I’m very happy with everything about this!

Richard February 14, 2017

I have been researching splitters for months now reading stories of tone loss or hum due to mis-match in input impedance running different guitar amps at the same time. I was starting to come to the conclusion that a certain thousand dollar splitter was going to be my only option. Then I figured I would screw worrying about the impedance until I was sure there was even an issue and just focus on finding an active splitter. That’s when I came across your company and figured I’d give your four way active splitter a try. I received it in the mail yesterday and took it straight to the studio to try it out. Running three guitar amps at the same time sounded amazing with no loss of tone or impedance issues what so ever and all for less than $100. I will definitely be spreading the word.

Seth Waterhouse January 17, 2018

Works perfectly for my Michael Kelly Hybrid Special with stereo output. allows me to run separate inputs into my HD500x, with two signal paths, to separate L and R outputs to the board.
Price was great. Shipping charges were extremely low. And it arrived less than a week after I ordered it.

Joseph March 25, 2019

The Pan Pedal splitter is great. I use it for taking the mono signals of various instruments and placing them at different pan positions before recording them into my Boomerang looper. This ultimately gives me much more separation and three-dimensionality within the overall stereo mix.

Bryan was extremely helpful and accommodating!

Jeremiah Ray March 11, 2020

I ordered both a summing amp and a buffered splitter from here and boy oh boy were they just right! I run a two amp rig on my bass – one clean and the other with effects. That buffer circuit is transparent, powerful and has just the right amount of push to hit my clean amp and make it boom and to hit my dirty amp and make it shred. It was like taking a blanket off my tone. Quite possibly the best pieces of kit I’ve ever aquired. There will be more additions from Saturnworks in the future. The build quality is top notch and the price point is extremely affordable, especially when you consider that everything is made by hand.

Steve Rogers June 22, 2020

I use my Saturnworks Passive Splitter to split my pedalboard signal after my gain pedals (treble booster, fuzz, wah, volume and EQ) – one side goes to one of my two Marshall 6101’s and the other side through the modulation and time pedals (rectifier, reverb, phaser, flanger, multi-FX, delay, looper, recorder) to the other 6101. No crosstalk, no hum, no volume control interaction, it works perfectly. Very cool for $19!

Mark H. August 28, 2020 (from Reverb.com)

[Pan] pedal works great! Exactly what I needed for a very niche application. Love the design and the construction. The feeling of the notch when the knob is at 12 o’clock is incredibly helpful. This pedal plays super well with the rest of my setup. I’d always heard that Saturnworks is a great manufacturer of various uncommon solutions to very particular issues. I’m happy to say they had just the right tool for the job.

Tap Tempo

Phil C. October 7th, 2022

I bought this to use as a sustain pedal for keyboard. I used velcro to wrap it around the right leg of my Apex stand. It’s the first sustain pedal I’ve been able to keep track of while playing. The polarity switch helps in emergencies and it’s very small. It reminds me of my favorite Leatherman (Reverb.com). 

John S. October 2nd, 2022

One of the best purchases I made. Works perfectly for my DD-8. One switch controls the tap tempo and the other can be used for the “twist” function. All in a small and pretty enclosure. You will not be disappointed (Reverb.com). 

Nathan K. April 9th, 2022

I am grateful that Saturnworks exists. The sheer amount of incredibly useful, clever utility pedals they offer is fantastic. They have products that I didn’t know I needed until I saw them. The prices are great and the stuff looks cool. Nuff said. (Reverb.com)

Petersohn W. February 18, 2016

Just ordered this tap tempo pedal, in micro size, for my Boss DD7. The pedal works nicely, the build quality is very satisfying and the custom artworks looks great (Saturn is the coolest planet anyway!). Way better feeling as with my former FS5U and its plastic knob. 

Its narrow size allowed me to add a second micro-sized pedal (expression TRS for my boss RV-7, great too!) on my board instead of a single FS5U! I really had to win space to add several pedals on my Gator board, and these little pedals did the job! 

Thanks, Bryan! I’ll come again for sure ?

Devon May 18, 2016

Micro Soft Touch – Normally Closed. Small footprint, reliable and accurate, and durable. Will be ordering one of the dual tap tempos when I add my dd5 to my board. ?

Edwin August 18, 2017

An amazing little guy! It has been a great addition to my board. I got the Micro Soft Touch, Normally Closed version to use on my DD-20. It is very responsive built very sturdy. I’ve used it as both a tap tempo and my preset selector and it has not failed me and I don’t anticipate it doing so.
If you’re considering this…in the words of Nike, “Just Do it.”
Seriously, it is not gonna break the bank and it will make your time on stage easier for way cheaper than anything else someone might sell you.

James June 25, 2019

I bought the NC version for my old trusty DD-20. Works wonderfully and looks awesome too- have received many compliments on that alone. A passive splitter to simultaneously run both channels of my Soviet Mig50 is next on my list. Thanks Saturnworks!

True Bypass Looper

Bradford October, 2022

Excellent solid build on these pedals [A/B looper], and such a great selection of switches. These are the kind of utility pedals that make e

ffect chains interesting. Don’t hesitate, just grab some and go sound chasing! (Etsy.com)

Steve M. July 26th, 2020

I have used a few devices in the past to get the spillover/trails mode on my Deluxe Memory Man, but this [real trails looper] is the best solution yet. I salute the good people at Saturnworks for their dedication to making products which not only solve problems, but make dreams come true at the same time (Reverb.com).

Jim Myers March 15, 2016

Your simplest True Bypass Single Looper was exactly the tool I needed to instantaneously A/B all my pedals in various combinations and weed out the guilty unit that was stealing my tone. A keeper for sure. Thanks!

Aaron Dues July 28, 2018

I purchased the Bass Blender Looper about two weeks ago via the Saturnworks ebay page. It arrived quickly, was shipped safely, and it works as intended. From what I can tell, the build quality is really solid. The metal enclosure is sturdy and the footswitch feels secure. Likewise, the knob feels satisfying to turn – it’s tight enough to keep it from drifting out of position. The larger size of the knob is nice as well because it can be adjusted with a quick nudge from your foot. 

All in all, I received a quality product and would recommend Saturnworks to anyone who needs a utility pedal such as this. 

Also, be sure to get the Booster version if you don’t have another way to keep your full volume going to dirt pedals in the loop. I keep an EQ in the loop before the dirt to tone shape/boost anyway, so it wasn’t a problem for me, but it may help other people that didn’t consider it.

Griffin September 22, 2018

I got the basic looper with LED. Built well, does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and I like the fact that I got to pick the graphic from a couple options. I use it to bypass my pedalboard when I’m not using it to avoid degradation from some pedals.

BurningSkies January 3, 2019

A ways back I purchased a bass booster looper to work with my ‘classic’ Boss OC-2 Octave. The ‘classic synth’ tone of this pedal for bassists is to use only the 1st octave down and zero out the 2nd octave and the clean. As such it has two problems in stage use; the first being the really awful non-bypass buffer, and the second being volume loss when run this way. The Bass Booster Looper takes care of BOTH of those problems in a compact-board-friendly solution. If you absolutely positively must use the classic OC-2, this is probably the best/easiest solution to using it effectively. Build quality was as expected (solid, high quality), custom graphics were reasonably priced, and Saturnworks was friendly & quick.

J L January 15, 2020

Just got the active trails looper for my deluxe memory man XO and it’s really magical. I’m so glad to finally have a delay trails solution for my all time fav analog delay! The size is board friendly, and it’s built very well. Great work!

Marco R. Rodoni April 26, 2017

Works great. Looks great. Brian was a pleasure to do business with. Responsive to any questions I had prior to purchase. When the need for a pedal comes up in the future if Saturnworks builds it I’ll buy it


Stephen R May 8, 2017

I bought one of these on Reverb.com for my stereo pedalboard, which is configured for a dual amp setup. I wanted a way to control the final level out of my reverb pedal before sending it to the amps. This is the perfect solution for what I needed. The pedal is well-constructed, and comes with a 250K pot. I wasn’t sure if 250K would be the right one, but now that I’ve tried it, it definitely is. Very smooth adjustment across the entire volume range.

The pedal is well-built, solid and sturdy. All the jacks make solid connection. The volume control itself is smooth and no static or crackling. An extra rubber knob cover was included to make it easier to operate with a foot. I haven’t used that, since actually I can operate the MXR-style knob just fine with my foot. But it’s a great idea.

My impression, based on the build quality, is that this is a top-quality pedal. Bryan does good work. Shipment was prompt as well. I would readily buy again.

Bobby Guy November 18, 2017

Awesome pedal – small, easy to use, and does not require power unless I want the LED. The switch lets me use it like a boost pedal — when I need a solo pop-up, I hit the switch and turn off the volume pedal so the full signal hits my amp, and when solo done, I hit the switch again and turn it back on so that I’ve got the volume set at the rhythm level. It’s easy enough to use just turning the knob, but the switch is an added feature and it’s awesome. 

Patch Pedal

Alexander T. January 21, 2021

It works exactly as I wanted it to! Thank you my dude. Anyone trying to lowball you on offers should just cut back on a beer or two a day, because it was worth it for my pedalboard organization (Reverb.com).