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Make connecting to your pedalboard a snap with Saturnworks patch bay pedals.

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Make connecting to and moving your pedalboard a breeze with Saturnworks patch bays. Patch bays simplify your setup by bringing all your connections to one spot on your board.

1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Patch + Locking Patch

The 1-channel patch bay is in the 1590LB ‘micro’ 2″ x 2″ enclosure. The version with a pulldown features a 1M pulldown resistor between the tip and sleeve. A pulldown resistor can help to diagnose and/or deal with popping issues in your setup.

The standard 2 and 3 channel patch bays measure 3.6” x 1.5″ x 1.2” (1590A enclosure). The 3 channel patch B and the version with isolated (plastic) jacks measures 4.39″ x 2.4″ x 1.24″ (1590B enclosure). The micro 2 patch measure 2″ x 2″ x 1.3″ (1590LB enclosure). The 4 and 5 channel versions measure 4.39” 2.4″ x 1.24” (1590B enclosure). The five channel isolated patch measures 4.8″ 2.64″ x 1.59″ (125B enclosure).

The 2 channel patch with locking input features a locking jack that firmly locks your input patch cable in place. No need to worry about accidentally unplugging your guitar during those epic rock-outs. Know you’re securely connected to your board with a locking input jack. The locking 2 channel patch pedal measures 4.8″ 2.64″ x 1.59″.

The 4 patch makes the ‘4-cable method‘ (aka 4CM) easy to set up, having all your connections in one spot.

2-Patch + Summer/Splitter

The 2 channel patch pedal + splitter/summer has a toggle that switches between patch or summer/splitter modes. While in patch mode, the pedal is a 2 channel patch bay. In summer/splitter mode, the pedal is can be used either as a passive summer. For example, in summer mode it can be set up as a stereo to mono (2:1 TS TS to TS) summer. In addition, you can flip it around and use it as a passive splitter. Like any passive splitter, splitter mode is best with a buffered signal to avoid level/tone loss. This pedal is available with either a toggle or a footswitch.

sum patch

TRS to TS TS Separator/Combiner Breakout Pedal

Our TRS to TS TS separator/combiner inputs a TRS signal and separates the tip and ring signals into individual mono (TS) signals. Simply connect the TRS to TS TS separator/combiner in reverse to input two mono (TS) signals and output a single TRS signal. This pedal has no interaction or crosstalk between the two channels. Of course you need to use the proper TRS and TS cabling.

The TRS to TS TS pedal can be used with Rickenbacker’s “Rick-O-Sound” setup to separate the two signals. But unlike their (expensive) separator box, with ours you can select your own cable length.

The TRS to TS TS Separator/Combiner with switches works like the TRS to TS TS patch pedal, with the addition of on/off latching switches to each channel.

Saturnworks patch pedals use boutique-grade features and components including:

  • Sturdy cast-aluminum enclosures.
  • Heavy duty Neutrik jacks (Japanese Lumberg jacks on the micro 1 and 2-patches).
  • Passive designs do not require power to function.
  • High quality wire made in the USA.
  • Handcrafted and bench-tested in California, USA.
  • A 1-year warranty against parts and manufacturing defects.

If you’re looking for an even higher quality premium pedal, we have a variety of customizations and premium upgrades available. We also offer custom graphics and upgrades such as premium Switchcraft jacks and soft click latching switches. Check out our upgrades and customizations page or contact us for details.

In addition to our regular offerings, we can do higher capacity and custom patch bays, with TRS and/or XLR connections or Neutrik plastic jacks (for ground isolation), by request. Please contact us for details on custom patch pedals.

Please note: The pedals in the images are stock photos and not the actual pedals you will receive. While we typically send the pedals as pictured, depending on availability, the pedals you receive may vary in their graphics, knob colors/type, and/or LED colors (where applicable). We have our graphics options here.

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1-channel, 1-channel w/ Pulldown Resistor, 1-channel TRS, 2-channel, 2-channel w/ Upward Facing Jacks, 2-channel Micro, 2-channel Micro Black, 2-channel TRS, 2-channel Micro TRS, 2-channel w/ Locking Input Jack, 2-channel Patch + Passive Splitter/Summer, 2-channel Patch + Passive Splitter/Summer w/ Footswitch, 3-channel A, 3-channel B, 3-channel TRS, 3-channel Isolated, 3-channel Isolated TRS, 4-channel, 4-channel TRS, 4-channel Isolated, 4-channel Isolated TRS, 4-channel w/upward jacks, 4-channel Isolated w/upward jacks, 5-channel, 5-channel TRS, 5-channel Isolated, 5-channel Isolated TRS, TRS to TS TS Separator/Combiner, Micro TRS to TS TS Separator/Combiner, TRS to TS TS Separator/Combiner with Switches