True Bypass Single Loopers

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Saturnworks true bypass loopers can make any pedal true bypass or turn multiple pedals on/off at the same time. With options such as feedback, active blenders, clean boosters, multi-loops, and buffers, Saturnworks has your looper.

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Compact Looper, Compact Looper with LED, Compact Momentary Looper, and Latching + Momentary Looper

Add true bypass to any pedal or switch multiple pedals on and off at the same time with the Saturnworks true bypass looper.

The Saturnworks true bypass looper lets you make any pedal true bypass. It also lets you turn on/off groups of pedals with a single click. You can also use the true bypass looper as an A/B pedal, a tuner out, or a kill switch.

The LED version adds an LED so that you can easily see when the loop is active.

The black LED version features a durable matte black painted finish.

The compact momentary looper only engages the loop when the momentary footswitch is held down. With the switch released the loop is bypassed and the signal flows on through the pedal’s true bypass circuitry.

The latching + momentary looper features both a latching and a momentary switch, so you can engage the true bypass loop by either clicking it on/off with the latching switch, or by holding down the momentary switch.

Volume Control Looper

The volume control version lets you add a volume knob to any pedal. The volume control looper trims unwanted volume boosts from the pedal or pedals in the loop. Please note: the volume control only cuts volume. If you’re looking for a looper that will boost the signal and help with unwanted volume loss, check out the Saturnworks booster looper.

Booster Looper and Bass Booster Looper

The booster looper version helps with unwanted volume loss caused by the pedal or pedals in the loop. The clean boost circuit, which adds up to 25dB of clean boost, comes after the true bypass loop as to not affect the tone of the pedal(s) in the loop.  If you’re looking for a looper that will trim unwanted signal boosts, check out the Saturnworks volume control looper.

The bass version tweaks the design to allow the bass’ lower frequencies to enter the buffer circuit.

Feedback Looper, Momentary Feedback Looper, and Deluxe Momentary Feedback Looper

The feedback looper is designed to send the output signal back to the loop’s input. This can produce some very interesting results ranging from oscillating, growling, chirping sounds, to flat out noise, to nothing. The key to the feedback looper is experimentation. Some pedals can produce great results while some have little to no effect at all. You can also try various combinations of pedals. Your pickups and pickup selector position as well as your volume and tone controls also have a tremendous effect on the sound produced. The pedal’s control knob determines the amount of feedback being sent back to the input. Sometimes you may need to turn it all the way up while other times you may find a sweet spot with the level turned low. If making a lot of noise is something you’re into, then look no further. The feedback pedal provides a strange sonic landscape and you never know what you’re going to get.

The momentary feedback looper uses a momentary switch rather than a latching switch. The feedback happens while you hold the switch down and disappears when you release it. Note: the momentary switch engages both the feedback at the loop. With this version, you can’t engage the loop separately from the feedback. The momentary feedback pedal also features a volume control knob.

The deluxe momentary feedback looper features both a latching switch to turn the loop on/off and a momentary switch, which only produces feedback while being held down. Releasing the momentary feedback switch tames the switch into a normal true bypass looper. The deluxe momentary feedback looper also features a volume trim control for the true bypass loop.

Blender Looper and Bass Blender Looper

The Saturnworks blender looper lets you blend your dry signal with whatever is in the loop while its active circuitry prevents signal degradation. You can set the blender’s clean knob fully counter-clockwise for a 100% dry signal, fully clockwise for a 100% wet signal, halfway for a 50/50 blend, or anywhere in between.

The bass version tweaks the design to allow the bass’ lower frequencies to enter the buffer circuit.

Kill Switch Looper, Momentary and Latching

The kill switch looper adds either a latching or momentary kill switch as a second switch along with a single true bypass looper.  The momentary version is soft touch switch that can be used to create a shudder effect. The signal is only killed while you’re holding down the switch. The latching switch can be toggled on or off. The latching version includes an LED that indicates when the signal is off.

Buffer Looper

The buffer looper preserves your signal while saving space and money by combining a true bypass looper with a buffer. The buffer is active whether the switch is in bypass or loop mode.

Stereo Looper

A true bypass looper for your stereo setup. Note: stereo loopers are not available with an LED.

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    Jim Myers (verified owner)

    Your simplest True Bypass Single Looper was exactly the tool I needed to instantaneously A/B all my pedals in various combinations and weed out the guilty unit that was stealing my tone. A keeper for sure. Thanks!

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