Custom Upgrades


Add premium Saturnworks upgrades to your pedal to elevate it from a high quality piece of gear to the rarified realm of superlatives.


Paint it black…or white…or add the best switches and jacks money can buy. Saturnworks custom alchemy transforms your pedal into both a personal creation and the highest quality device possible.

Please note: The prices listed are per part. Please see the ‘how to order’ section below for details. 

We can add a variety of custom upgrades to your pedal project including…

Soft-Click Latching Switches

Customers looking for quieter switching often contact us asking if we can substitute regular latching switches with ‘soft touch’ switches. Soft touch switches are momentary and need to be installed in conjunction with active relays in order to act like latching switches. This makes otherwise passive pedals require power, can often make the pedal require a larger enclosure, and they cost around $50 each to install.

Enter the soft click latching switch.

Only recently available on the market, and only in small quantities, soft-click latching switches are the absolute highest quality switches available on the market, bar none. Manufactured in small batches in Japan, soft click latching switches are ultra quiet, have a buttery smooth action, feature gold lugs, and are rated for an astounding 200,000 cycles (regular latching switches are rated usually between 5,000 and 15,000).

Check out a soft click latching switch in action compared to a regular latching switch and a soft-touch momentary switch here.

Please note: The soft click latching switch is a 3PDT switch, which makes it incompatible with a handful of 4PDT applications. 4PDT applications include our order swapper, looper + amp switch pedals, and stereo looper pedals. We can do those pedals with the premium switch; however, you will need to forgo the LED(s). If you add a soft click switch to a 4PDT application, such as an order swapper, we’ll reach out to you and figure out what you would like to do.

Premium Momentary Switches

premium momentary switch

Like its latching cousin, the premium momentary switch is the highest quality momentary switch on the market. Made in small batches in Japan, it is rated for 200,000 cycles and features gold lugs.

The premium momentary is not soft touch and does have a light click. Check out our video comparing it to other momentary switches.  It would probably not be the best choice for a momentary kill switch if you’re looking for a stutter effect, but works well for tap applications or control switches. Since the premium momentary switch has only one pole (channel), it does not work with momentary true bypass looper or loop swapping applications. The premium momentary also does not work with dual or triple tap applications. Please reach out to us with any questions about the suitability of a premium momentary switch for your pedal before ordering.

Latching glow switches

blue glow switch

Our latching glow switch has LEDs built into the switch, which creates a cool glowing ring effect around the switch. The switch replaces standard latching (not momentary) switches. Please only add glow switches to pedals that already have LEDs. If you add a glow switch to your custom project, we will forgo installing the regular LED. The glow switch’s LED will therefore become the pedal’s LED.

Please note: as the glow switches are a bit larger than standard switches, they may not work for applications in which the components are extremely close together. We will reach out if we have concerns about installing a glow switch in your specific project.

Powder Coated Enclosures

1590A black

Available in several sizes, our black enclosures add a dark aesthetic to your pedal — like that mysterious goth girl in the corner.

We have two types of black 1590A and 1590B enclosures. Our regular black have a matte or semi-gloss finish. Our Hammond brand black enclosures have a textured finish. We’ve found that our vinyl labels don’t adhere very well to the Hammond textured finish. Therefore, if you select the Hammond 1590A pr 1590B black textured enclosure, your pedal will not include a graphic.

Our white enclosures add a sleek look to your pedal — like an old school iPod, but for your feet.

Switchcraft Jacks

Switchcraft versus Neutrik is a bit like Coke versus Pepsi. Both have their fans. Both Neutrik and Switchcraft are top quality jacks. Neutriks are high quality beefy jacks that grip like crazy. The USA made Switchcrafts feature a higher quality metal allow and are generally considered premium-level jacks. High end guitars, such as American Fenders, usually include Switchcraft jacks.

As far as TS vs TRS, TS jacks are the standard mono jacks most pedals use. Alternatively, some stereo, double switch, and expression pedal applications use the two-channel TRS jacks The pedal listing itself should indicate if the jack or jacks are TRS.

Please note: A small handful of our pedals use Lumberg jacks. These pedals, such as our A/B looper, are not compatible with Switchcraft jacks.

Aluminum Knobs

black metal knob

Our current metal knobs are 15.5mm x 12.5mm. Stay tuned for more metal knob options.

Black Switch Washer

Go for a cool blackout aesthetic by replacing your standard white switch washer with a  black switch washer. Our black washers fit standard switches (1/2″ inner diameter) and are made in the USA.

Chrome LED Holders

Add a ring of class with a chrome LED holder.

Please note: The chrome LED bezels are not compatible with the bi-colored LEDs we generally use for A/B applications.

How to Order…

These listings are not to purchase the parts by themselves. They are a la cart upgrades to pedal purchases. Also, the prices are per part. For example, if the pedal you want normally has four knobs that you would like to upgrade to metal knobs, please add four metal knobs to your cart. Similarly, if the pedal you want has two switches that you would like to upgrade to two soft click switches, please add two switches to your cart.

To order upgrades, simply add the appropriate number of switches, jacks, knobs, LED holders, etc. for the pedal you’re looking at. We will then install the upgrades to your pedal. If you’re ordering multiple pedals, please add specific instructions, if necessary, in the ‘notes’ field of your order. Please contact us with any questions. Adding custom upgrades may add 2-3 business days to the processing time of your pedal. That is in addition to our regular 2-4 business day shipping turnaround time.

If you happen to select parts that are not compatible with your project, we will inform you and issue refunds and/or offer alternatives to upgrade your pedal.

If you’re not sure which enclosure is applicable to your pedal or how many jacks, or other parts, the pedal may have, please contact us and we can help you out.

Choosing the correctly sized enclosure…

We have an enclosure comparison chart on our graphics page that should help you select the correct enclosure size.

For reference, below is a pedal in a 1590A (3.6” x 1.5″ x 1.2”) enclosure:

black compact blender

Below is a pedal in a 1590B (4.39” 2.4″ x 1.24”) enclosure.The 1590B is the size of a standard MXR pedal. The 125B enclosure is similar size-wise (4.8″ x 2.64″ x 1.58″), mostly deeper. We use the same graphics for the 1590B and the 125B.

hermit black blender

This is a pedal in a 1590LB (2″ x 2″ x 1.3″) ‘micro’ enclosure:

micro AB w LED

Custom sales are final

Please note: Our return policies do not apply to custom work. Adding custom upgrades to your pedal makes your pedal custom work. Custom work cannot be cancelled, returned, refunded, or exchanged. It’s like when you buy luggage and have it monogramed or a watch and have it engraved. Once you customize it, it’s yours.

Despite custom upgrades making your pedal not returnable, custom work is still covered by our 1-year limited warranty. See our FAQ page for warranty terms and conditions.

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