Multi & Parallel Loopers


Saturnworks multi (serial) looper pedals feature the same great functionality as a single true bypass loop pedal, times 3, 4, 5, or 6! Parallel multi loopers open your rig up to entirely new dimensions of sound blending, for fresh horizons of soundcraft.


Saturnworks offers a wide selection of multi looper pedals in serial and parallel configurations. We also have additional product pages for single loopers and feedback loopers.


The Saturnworks true bypass 2-looper lets you make any pedal true bypass or turn on/off groups of pedals with a single click—times two. You can also use the 2-looper as an A/B pedal, a tuner out, or a kill switch.

The 2-looper with master bypass adds a master switch that bypasses both loops.

A/B Double Looper & A/B Double Looper B Size

The A/B double looper has two loops that are switched back and forth with one switch A/B style. With the master bypass version, a second switch bypasses both loops.

The B size works in the same way as the regular (1590A) sized pedal: switching between two loops A/B style with one click. The size just has a larger enclosure, in case you prefer a larger pedal, or the you need more space between the jacks, if you’re using pancake cables, for example.

A/B Double Looper + Amp Switch

The A/B double looper + amp switch switches between two true bypass loops and changes your amp channel with one click. The amp switch is a basic latching on/off (open/grounded) switch wired to a TS jack. If you’re not sure about compatibility, please check with your amp’s manufacturer to see if that type of switch works with your amp. The amp switch also features a polarity toggle so that it can be set to switch with either loop. A bi-colored LED indicates which loop/channel is active.

Blender Looper (Bass + Guitar)

The blender looper blends whatever is in the loop with your incoming dry signal. A single knob controls the wet/dry ratio. It uses a simple parallel signal path to accomplish the wet/dry blending. An active buffer circuit maintains your signal integrity.

The blender looper features a toggle that selects either a guitar or bass input. The bass input setting allows lower frequencies to enter the circuit.

3-Looper, 4-Looper, 5-Looper, 6-Looper

The Saturnworks true bypass 3-looper, 4, 5, and 6 multi looper pedals let you make any pedal true bypass or turn on/off groups of pedals with a single click—times three, four, or five.

Our loopers with volume controls feature passive volume controls on the loop returns that trim the volume coming from the loops. This allows you to set levels for each loop as it is switched on.

The multi-loopers with buffers feature an active buffer that is able to be switch on/off with a toggle. The buffer keeps your signal clear over long cable runs. The bass version tweaks the design to allow the bass’ lower frequencies to enter the buffer circuit.

The black 6-looper features premium soft click latching switches, Swithcraft jacks, and a black powder-coated enclosure.

4 & 5 Looper with Master Bypass

The 4 and 5 loopers with master bypass switches take the standard 4/5 loopers and add a master bypass switch, so that you can bypass all the loops with one click. This feature allows you to pre-select a certain combination of loops, and turn them all on/off with one click.

Rotary Looper

The rotary 3-looper switches between three true bypass loops with a single rotary selector knob. Add whatever you would like into the loops and the 3-rotary looper selects which channel is active. Perfect for keyboard players or for selecting preamps.

Double Parallel Looper

Standard pedal configurations are serial, meaning that the sound of one pedal feeds into the next, which feeds into the next, and so on. This never lets you combine the true sounds of the pedals. The Saturnworks parallel looper creates parallel signal paths for up to four loops. So rather than the sound of one loop feeding into the next, into the next, and so on, parallel loopers allow you to combine the ‘pure’ sounds of the pedals for some amazingly complex textures.

The parallel looper first splits the incoming signal. Each of channels has its own discreet buffer. The two buffers keep the signal strong and ensure there is no crosstalk or interaction between the channels.  The two signals are then sent to switches that allow you to turn them on and off individually, and then on to loops, where you add your own sonic flavors. The signals are then remixed in an active mixer section that seamlessly blends the signals from the loops.

The versions with a dry channel feature a third ‘straight through’ parallel channel, with a level control but no footswitch, which allows you to blend the ‘clean’ dry signal as an extra parallel signal along with the two parallel loops.

Check our our demo video of a 2-parallel looper with a dry channel.

Please note: the double parallel looper is not true bypass in that there isn’t an option for the signal to not pass through one of the three parallel channels. If you would like to create a true bypass setup with the double parallel looper, you can either put the double parallel looper in the loop of a single true bypass loop switch (effectively creating a master bypass), or select a larger parallel looper that features a true bypass master bypass switch.

3/4-Parallel Looper

Please note: parallel loopers are custom made-to-order pedals with a turnaround of 2-3 weeks.

The parallel looper first splits the incoming signal into three or four channels, depending on the version. Each of the channels has its own buffer. The individual buffers keep the signal strong and ensure there is no interaction between the channels.  The split signals go to loops, where you add your own sonic flavors. The loop returns have volume controls and on/off switches, which allow you to tweak each channel as it goes to the mixer. The mixer section then seamlessly blends the signals from the loops.

The parallel multi-looper features either three or four loops with an extra switch as a master bypass, allowing you to bypass the parallel setup completely and send your signal directly to your amp.

The 4-parallel looper with phase switches features active phase switch circuits on the returns of the four loops, in case you encounter any out-of-phase issues while mixing your signals.

The bass version tweaks the design to allow the bass’ lower frequencies to enter the buffer circuit.

5-Parallel Looper

5-parallel multi looper pedals feature the same parallel circuitry as the 3/4-parallel loopers, except with five parallel loops, and no master bypass.

Parallel Looper with Phase Switches

The loopers with phase switches add active phase-reversing circuits to help with any out-of-phase issues that can happen when summing.

Please note: Parallel loopers are custom built-to-order and ship in approximately 2-3 weeks. 

Please note: the 4-parallel looper + phase switches features a fifth master bypass switch that bypasses all the active circuitry. The 5-parallel looper + phase does not have a master bypass switch. Its five switches are on/off switches for the parallel loops.

Looking for some custom or premium gear? Check out our customization page for the types of customizations and upgrades we offer. Also check out our upgrades page to add premium components such as Switchcraft jacks, soft click latching switches, powder-coated enclosures to your pedal.

Please note: The pedals in the images are stock photos and not the actual pedals you will receive. The pedals you receive may vary in their graphics, knob colors, and/or LED colors, where applicable. We have our graphics options here.

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