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Super compact passive and active volume pedals.

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Compact Passive Volume, Compact Passive Volume with Switch, Stereo Passive Volume

Need a passive volume control pedal that doesn’t crowd your pedalboard? The Saturnworks compact passive volume pedal provides volume control in a compact affordable package. The Saturnworks volume pedal is available with A250k, A100k, A25k, or A10k pots.

A250k pots are a good all around choice for standard instrument-level signals. A100k or A25k pots work well with buffered instrument-level signals. A25k or A10K pots are good for line-level signals. Other pot values are available upon request. Please contact us for details.

The stereo passive volume pedal provides a single volume control for two parallel stereo signals. The stereo volume is available with A250k or A100k pots.

The compact volume with a switch adds a footswitch so that you can take the volume control in and out of your signal path. An LED indicates when the volume control is active. This version is also passive and doesn’t require power to function. The power, which is standard 9VDC center-negative power, is only for the LED to work.

Active Volume & Active Volume w/ Switch

The Saturnworks active volume pedal is a volume control plus a buffer in one compact package.

The Saturnworks active volume pedal has a built-in buffer combined with a 25k audio taper pot to prevent high-end roll-off as you turn down the level and preserve your guitar’s high-end over long (25′ +) cable runs. This pedal is perfect for use at the end of your signal chain to both control the overall level and to buffer the signal between the pedalboard and the amp.

The version with a switch allows you to engage or bypass the volume control. In either switch position, the signal remains buffered.

The bass version tweaks the design to allow the bass’ lower frequencies to enter the buffer circuits.

Saturnworks volume pedals are loaded with high quality components including:

  • Durable cast-aluminum enclosures.
  • Heavy duty Neutrik jacks — Switchcraft for the black versions.
  • Handcrafted and bench-tested in California.

Saturnworks pedals are covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


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Compact Volume 250k, Compact Volume 100k, Compact Volume 25k, Compact Volume 10k, Micro Volume 250k, Micro Volume 100k, Micro Volume 25k, Micro Volume 10k, Stereo Volume 250k, Stereo Volume 100k, Stereo Volume 25k, Stereo Volume 10k, TRS Stereo Volume 250k, TRS Stereo Volume 100k, TRS Stereo Volume 25k, TRS Stereo Volume 10k, Compact Volume with Switch 250k, Compact Volume with Switch 100k, Compact Volume with Switch 25k, Active Volume, Bass Active Volume, Active Volume with Switch, Bass Active Volume with Switch

3 reviews for Volume Pedals

  1. Marco R. Rodoni (verified owner)

    Works great. Looks great. Brian was a pleasure to do business with. Responsive to any questions I had prior to purchase. When the need for a pedal comes up in the future if Saturnworks builds it I’ll buy it

  2. Stephen R

    I bought one of these on Reverb.com for my stereo pedalboard, which is configured for a dual amp setup. I wanted a way to control the final level out of my reverb pedal before sending it to the amps. This is the perfect solution for what I needed. The pedal is well-constructed, and comes with a 250K pot. I wasn’t sure if 250K would be the right one, but now that I’ve tried it, it definitely is. Very smooth adjustment across the entire volume range.

    The pedal is well-built, solid and sturdy. All the jacks make solid connection. The volume control itself is smooth and no static or crackling. An extra rubber knob cover was included to make it easier to operate with a foot. I haven’t used that, since actually I can operate the MXR-style knob just fine with my foot. But it’s a great idea.

    My impression, based on the build quality, is that this is a top-quality pedal. Bryan does good work. Shipment was prompt as well. I would readily buy again.

  3. bobby guy (verified owner)

    Awesome pedal – small, easy to use, and does not require power unless I want the LED. The switch lets me use it like a boost pedal — when I need a solo pop-up, I hit the switch and turn off the volume pedal so the full signal hits my amp, and when solo done, I hit the switch again and turn it back on so that I’ve got the volume set at the rhythm level. It’s easy enough to use just turning the knob, but the switch is an added feature and it’s awesome.

    This is my 5th Saturn pedal – have an A/B loop switcher (awesome), and 3 other volume pedals for different uses.

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