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Super compact passive and active volume pedals.

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Things getting a little too loud? Or maybe you want to craft some dynamic contrasts? Saturnworks offers a variety of volume pedals to trim your levels with style.

Passive Volume, Passive Volume with Treble Bleed, Passive Volume with Switch, and Stereo Passive Volume

Need a passive volume control pedal that doesn’t crowd your pedalboard? The Saturnworks compact passive volume pedal provides volume control in a compact affordable package. The Saturnworks volume pedal is available with A250k, A100k, A50K, or A10k pots.

A250k pots are a good all around choice for standard instrument-level signals. A100k or A50k pots work well with buffered instrument-level signals. A10K pots are good for line-level signals. Other pot values are available upon request. We have more detailed info on choosing the correct pot value for your application on our FAQ page.

Our passive volume with the treble bleed mod includes a treble bleed circuit with a .001uF orange drop capacitor and a 150k resistor wired in parallel. Treble bleed circuitry can help to prevent high end loss as you roll the knob down. Another way to avoid high-end loss with volume controls it to use an active volume controller, which features a buffer followed by a 25k pot.

The stereo passive volume pedal provides a single volume control for two parallel signals.

The stereo passive volume control with dual knobs has two parallel parallel signals, each with its own volume knob. This version features Japanese Lumberg 1/4″ jacks.

The compact volume with a switch adds a footswitch so that you can take the volume control in and out of your signal path. An LED indicates when the volume control is active. This version is also passive and doesn’t require power to function as a volume controller. The power, which is standard 9VDC center-negative pedal power, is only to make the LED light up.

Our compact volume, compact volume with switches, and micro volume pedals include a Dunlop rubber knob cover to make the volume knobs larger and grippier, if needed. 

Pan Pedal & Stereo Pan Pedal

The Saturnworks pan pedal splits a mono signal using an active buffered splitter and pans the input across the two outputs.

The passive Saturnworks stereo pan volume pedal pans two inputs across two outputs.

Both pan pedals use a special blend taper pot that is able to maintain full volume at the 50/50 mark, which is indicated by a detent. Turning the knob left or right from the midpoint pans each outputs’ levels, as shown in this diagram of the blend pot taper:

The special blend pot eliminates a volume dip at the 50/50 mark–an issue common to most standard pan or blend circuits.

Active Volume & Active Volume w/ Switch

The Saturnworks active volume pedal is a volume control plus a buffer in one compact package.

The Saturnworks active volume pedal has a built-in buffer combined with a 25k audio taper pot to prevent high-end roll-off as you turn down the level and preserve your guitar’s high-end over long (25′ +) cable runs. This pedal is perfect for use at the end of your signal chain to both control the overall level and to buffer the signal between the pedalboard and the amp.

The version with a switch allows you to engage or bypass the volume control. In either switch position, the signal remains buffered.

The bass version tweaks the design to allow the bass’ lower frequencies to enter the buffer circuits.

Saturnworks volume pedals are loaded with high quality components including:

  • Durable cast-aluminum enclosures.
  • Heavy duty Neutrik jacks — Switchcraft for the black versions / Japanese Lumberg jacks for the stereo volume with dual knobs.
  • Handcrafted and bench-tested in California.

Saturnworks pedals are covered by a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. See our FAQ page for warranty terms and conditions.

Want the best of the best? Check out our upgrades page to add premium components to your pedal including soft click latching switches, Switchcraft jacks, and powder coated enclosures.

Please note: The pedals in the images are stock photos and not the actual pedals you will receive. The pedals you receive may vary in their graphics, knob colors, and/or LED colors, where applicable. We have our graphics options here.

Names of third party brands and specific devices are for informational/reference purposes only and are the trademarks/intellectual property of their respective companies/owners.

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Compact Volume 250k, Compact Volume 250k with Treble Bleed, Compact Volume 100k, Compact Volume 25k, Compact Volume 10k, Micro Volume 250k, Micro Volume 250k with Treble Bleed, Micro Volume 100k, Micro Volume 25k, Micro Volume 10k, Stereo Volume 250k, Stereo Volume 100k, Stereo Volume 50k, Stereo Volume 10k, Stereo Volume Dual Knob 250k, Stereo Volume Dual Knob 100K, Stereo Volume Dual Knob 25K, Stereo Volume Dual Knob 10k, TRS Stereo Volume 250k, TRS Stereo Volume 100k, TRS Stereo Volume 50k, TRS Stereo Volume 10k, Stereo Volume with Switch 250k, Stereo Volume with Switch 100k, Stereo Volume with Switch 50k, Stereo Volume with Switch 10k, Pan Pedal, Bass Pan Pedal, Stereo Pan Volume, Compact Volume with Switch 500k, Compact Volume with Switch 250k, Compact Volume with Switch + Treble Bleed 250k, Compact Volume with Switch 100k, Compact Volume with Switch 25k, Active Volume, Bass Active Volume, Active Volume with Switch, Bass Active Volume with Switch