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Replaces the Strymon Favorite or Multiswitch — except smaller, cheaper, and cooler looking.

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The Saturnworks favorite pedal is a workalike of the popular Strymon switch. This switch recalls presets on a Strymon Brigadier, El Capistan, Lex, Deco, Flint, Deco, DIG, Riverside, or any other Strymon device that uses a favorite switch.*

The device itself provides power for the LED. You therefore don’t need to provide external power to make the LED light up.

Please note that not all Strymon devices are compatible with favorite switches. Refer to your device’s manual to see if your specific devices is compatible with a favorite switch. Also check Strymon’s support page for more detailed information and instructions on how to set up a favorite switch with your device.

*We have also learned that our favorite switch works as a replacement for the Dynacord FS 11 footswitch, designed as an external controller as an external controller for┬áDynacord PM600/1000/1600 and CMS 1000/1600/200 mixers — except that our switch isn’t difficult to source and isn’t nearly $200!

Dual Favorite

The dual favorite lets you sync the settings of two compatible Strymon devices by combining two favorite circuits on the same switch. So one switch and two TRS jacks. The LED is powered through the lower TRS jack. The dual can also be used as a regular single favorite switch by plugging into the lower TRS jack.

Double Favorite

The double favorite saves space and cost by combining two separate favorite circuits in one enclosure. Functionally, it is like having two switches side by side, but combined into the one enclosure. So two switches and two TRS jacks. Please note, this pedal does not allow you to store an extra (third) setting.

Favorite + Strymon-Configured Tap Tempo

The favorite + tap tempo is both a favorite switch and a Strymon-configured tap tempo. A toggle selects which function is active. Strymon’s switch requires you to open the pedal up to change an internal jumper to select tap or favorite modes. In contrast, with our pedal you simply switch the external toggle to which function you would like to use. Finally, you simply follow the procedure outlined in your Strymon device’s manual┬áto set up the┬ádevice for tap or favorite functionality.

Multiswitch + Dual Multiswitch

The multiswitch replaces Strymon’s MultiSwitch allows enhanced┬ácontrol for the TimeLine, BigSky, or Mobius. The multiswitch features soft-touch momentary switches.

The B and BB multiswitches are the same circuitry and functionality. The BB size is just larger, in case you have giant feet, or just want the freedom to stomp wildly ­čÖé

The dual multiswitch gives you the same functionality as the regular multiswitch, times two. The dual version allows you to synch settings between two compatible Strymon devices. When you click one switch, the dual multiswitch simultaneously changes the settings on both connected devices.

Please note that the multiswitches must be connected with a TRS cable (two cables for the dual version). Also, your device must be set up and configured properly to work with the multiswitch, inducing Strymon’s latest firmware updates. Check out Strymon’s manual for instructions on how to set up the multiswitch.

Freeze / Infinite Switch

The Freeze/ Infinite Switch is a momentary switch with a TRS jack wired per Strymon’s specs (normally open switch with the tip and ring wired together) for use with their Cloudburst or Brig devices. Please see your device’s manual for details on how to set up your device with a Freeze / Infinite external control switch . It must be connected with a TRS (stereo) patch cable.


Saturnworks pedals feature boutique-grade component and features including:

  • High quality footswitches.
  • Heavy duty Neutrik TRS jacks grip like there’s no tomorrow.
  • The micro black version features a premium Switchcraft jack and a black powder coated enclosure.
  • Being passive, these pedals┬ádo┬ánot require power to work. The device itself provides power for the LED.
  • Handcrafted and bench-tested in the USA.
  • A 1-year warranty.

Please note: All favorite and multiswitch variations require a TRS (stereo) cable to connect to your device. We have TRS cables here. 

Please note: The pedals in the images are stock photos and not the actual pedals you will receive. The pedals you receive may vary in their graphics, knob colors, and/or LED colors, where applicable. We have our graphics options here. If you would like a specific graphic, please include your request in the notes field as you complete the checkout process.

Upgrades and Custom Work

We have a variety of upgrades and customizations available, including upgraded switches, jacks, custom LED colors, painted enclosures, and custom graphics. Check out our upgrades page for examples of what we can do. Please contact us for questions on customizations and/or upgrades.

Names of third party brands and specific devices are for informational/reference purposes only and are the trademarks/intellectual property of their respective companies/owners.

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