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Replaces the Strymon Favorite switch – except smaller, cheaper, and cooler looking.

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Favorite & Micro Favorite

The Saturnworks favorite pedal is a workalike of the Strymon Favorite. This switch recalls presets on a Strymon Brigadier, El Capistan, Lex, Deco, Flint, Deco, DIG, Riverside, or any other Strymon device that uses a favorite switch, and recall them anytime. Check your device’s manual or contact Strymon for compatibility. The devices itself provides power for the LED. You therefore don’t need external power.

Dual Favorite

The dual favorite lets you sync the favorite settings of two compatible Strymon devices by combining two favorite circuits on the same switch. The LED is powered through the lower TRS jack. The dual can also be used as a regular single favorite switch by plugging into the lower TRS jack.

Favorite + Strymon-Configured Tap Tempo

The favorite + tap tempo is both a favorite switch and a Strymon-configured tap tempo in one enclosure. A toggle selects which function is active. Rather than taking the pedal apart and switching a jumper, as you have to with the Strymon tap/favorite, simply toggle to which function you would like to use. Then follow the procedure outlined in your Strymon device’s manual to set up the device for tap or favorite functionality.


The multiswitch replaces Strymon’s MultiSwitch allows enhanced control for the TimeLine, BigSky, or Mobius. The multiswitch is built-to-last and also features soft touch momentary switches.


The Saturnworks favorite and multiswitch feature boutique-grade components including:

  • High quality footswitches.
  • A heavy duty Neutrik stereo jack grips like there’s no tomorrow.
  • The micro black version features a premium Switchcraft jack and a black powder coated enclosure.
  • Being passive, these pedals do not require power to work. The device itself provides power for the LED.
  • Handcrafted and bench-tested in the USA.

Please note: All favorite and multiswitch variations require a TRS (stereo) cable to connect to your device. We have TRS cables here

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Favorite, Micro Favorite, Micro Favorite Black, Favorite + Tap Tempo, Dual Favorite, Multiswitch Small, Multiswitch Large


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