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Power to the pedals!

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Hosa TRS (stereo) 1/4″ cables connect pedals, such as the favorite or TRS double tap tempos/amp switches, which require TRS cables. Available in 1′ cables with straight jacks or 3′ cables with angled jacks.

Please note: the cables come in a variety of colors. You may not receive the color pictured on the listing.


The 9v DC center-negative power supply provides the type of power most pedals needs. The power supply has a standard 2.1mm barrel and a 1.2 meter cable.

Similar to the One-Spot, these power supplies provide 1600 mA, which means you can use them to daisy-chain multiple pedals or power a single pedal that requires a lot of amperage. Note: Check the power consumption of your pedals to make sure you don’t exceed 1600 mA with all your pedals combined.

The daisy chain has industry standard 2.1mm right-angle barrels and allows you to connect up to ten pedals. The daisy chain is eight feet long.

Knob Cover

The Dunlop rubber knob cover fits over the MXR large (3/4″) knob, and allows for easy control with your foot.

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1' TRS 1/4" Cable, 3' TRS 1/4" Cable, 3' TRS Right Angle 1/4" Cable, 9v Power Supply, Daisy Chain, Dunlop Rubber Knob Cover