Easy switching from one input to two outputs or two inputs to one output.

The A/B pedal can switch a single guitar between two amps, two chains of pedals on a pedalboard, or can be used as a mute or tuner out.

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Camera one…camera two. Saturnworks offers high quality A/B pedals to switch between two amps, two signal paths, to a tuner out, two instruments into a pedalboard, or whatever A/B switching application you can dream up.

If you’re looking for an A/B pedal that can work as an A/B or split one input to two outputs (Y), check out our selection of ABY pedals.

Upgrades and Customizations

We can customize your Saturnworks pedal with various graphics, LED colors, and select component upgrades. Check out our graphics and upgrades page for more info.

A/B, A/B Reversed, & Micro A/B

Most A/B pedals simply leave the unused signal open. Saturnworks A/B pedals ground the unused signal (on gear forums, this configuration is sometimes associated with guitarist Eric Johnson). This requires a more expensive switch and more wiring, but the result is a top-quality switch with less chance of unwanted noise.

The ‘reversed’ configuration simply has two jacks on the right and one one the left, versus one jack on the right and two on the right. Since both are passive, either can be run in either direction. However, if you would like to switch one inputs to two outputs, the reversed setup can make that easier with a standard right-to-left pedalboard setup.

The momentary A/B normally outputs the signal to the lower output jack. With the switch held down, the output switches to the upper jack. With the switch released, the signal switches back to the lower output jack.

The LED versions feature a bi-color LED that allows you to easily see which input is active.

The standard (not micro) black A/B with LED features a black enclosure, Switchcraft USA jacks and premium soft click latching switch.

The toggle A/B switches with (you guessed it) a toggle, rather a footswitch.

The micro version packs a quality A/B circuit in a tiny 2″ x 2″ (1590LB size) enclosure–the smallest A/B pedal out there. The micro version features high quality Japanese Lumberg jacks.

A/B with Volume, A/B Reversed with Volume, A/B Reversed with Volume + A/B

The A/B with volume features passive volume controls to trim the outputs’ levels. This configuration can be handy in a multi-amp setup if you want to switch from one amp to the other and not have to fiddle with knobs on the amps themselves.

The reversed A/B with volume features passive volume controls to trim the inputs’ levels. This configuration can be handy if you’re selecting between multiple instruments and would like to pre-set each instrument’s levels.

The Saturnworks reversed A/B switch with volume controls + A/B allows you select between two instruments, with level controls, add effects, and switch between two amps — a multitool of switching versatility! The Saturnworks reversed A/B switch with volume controls + A/B has two separate A/B circuits built into one enclosure: a reversed A/B with volume controls on the right and an A/B on the left. The reversed A/B with volume controls lets you switch between two instruments and set their respective levels. The reversed A/B with volume’s output jack can be connected directly to an amp, or it can be used as a ‘send’ jack to a group of effects. The right switch is a standard A/B switch. Its input can work as the ‘return’ from your pedals and switch the signal between two amps. However, it can also be used on its own as a standard A/B switch.

Stereo TS TS +  TRS A/B

The stereo A/B pedals feature pairs of TS jacks, for stereo switching applications.

TRS A/B pedals, which use TRS jacks, are useful for stereo applications. They can also be useful for switching applications with TRS expression pedals.

Please note: Regarding using TRS A/B switches with expression pedal switching, some devices enter ‘expression mode’ when a cable is connected to their expression jacks, regardless of whether or not an expression pedal is connected or active. These devices may therefore perform unwanted functions, even if an expression pedal is not connected. In those cases, connecting an expression pedal to two devices with a TRS A/B switch may not produce satisfactory results. You can test how your device will behave with an expression connected but not turned on by simply plugging a patch cable into its expression jack with nothing on the other end. Whatever the device does in that scenario, will be what it does with the A/B connected but turned off.

A/B + Kill Switch

The A/B + latching kill switch combines an A/B circuit with a latching kill switch. This pedal switches signal paths or turns your signal off altogether.

A/B Input/Output + FX Loop

The A/B input/output + FX loop switch is a fairly specific but handy application. It switches between two inputs A/B style, sends the signal through a hardwired loop, and then to an A/B output–all on the same switch. This would be useful if you had two instruments, which you wanted to switch between two amps, but still using the same pedalboard. For example, it would be used if you switch between a guitar and a keyboard, and you want the guitar to go to a guitar amp, your keyboard to go to your keyboard amp, but you want both to share the same pedalboard.

A/B Crisscross Switch

The Crisscross switch has two inputs and two outputs. In one switch position, input A goes to output A and input B goes to output B. In the other switch position, input A goes to output B and input B goes to output A.


The XLR A/B switches one XLR input between two XLR outputs. The input jack is a female XLR connector and the outputs are two male XLR connectors. The switch is passive, but features a bi-colored LED powered by an external DC jack. XLR connectors are common connectors for mics.

Saturnworks A/B pedals include boutique-grade parts and features including:

  • A compact 1.5″ x 3.5″ (2.5″ x 4.5″ for stereo versions) cast-aluminum enclosure saves space on your board.
  • A unique wiring configuration grounds the unused signal. This eliminates noise with the signal left open.
  • High quality switches.
  • Heavy duty Neutrik jacks, or Japanese Lumberg jacks with some TRS applications.
  • A passive design that does not need power to function. Only optional LEDs require power.
  • Handcrafted and bench-tested in the USA.
  • A 1-year warranty against parts and manufacturing defects.

Please note: The pedals in the images are stock photos, not the actual pedals you will receive. The pedals you receive may vary in their graphics, knob colors, and/or LED colors, where applicable. We have our graphics options listed here.

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