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Saturnworks compact or heavy-duty full size expression pedals for a wide variety devices.

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Compact TRS, Compact TS, Micro TRS, Micro TS

Saturnworks compact and micro expression pedals provide expression capability for a variety of devices form manufacturers such as EHX, Moog, Boss, Strymon, Line 6 and Eventide. An included Dunlop rubber knob cover makes the compact expression easy to adjust on the fly.

Expression pedals fall into two broad categories: devices that use the more common TRS (stereo) connections and less common TS (mono) connections. EHX, Boss, Strymon, and Moog use TRS, while Line 6 and Eventide use TS. Please consult with your device’s owner’s manual or contact us to help determine which type of expression your device requires.

The default configuration for the TRS expression pedal* is a 10k linear pot with a TRS jack with the tip set as the wiper. This is the same configuration as the well-known Roland EV-5 expression pedal and will work with most TRS compatible devices. Upon purchase, we will contact you to make sure that the pedal is set up to work with your device. We want it to work the first time. If you have any questions regarding the compatibility of your device, please contact us.

TRS expression pedals must be connected with a ¼” TRS  (stereo) patch cable to work properly. We have TRS cables available here.

TS expression pedals can be set up to use a 10k linear pot (Line 6) or a 25k linear pot (Eventide).


Double expression pedals combine two separate expression pedals into one enclosures. They are available in TRS/TRS, TRS/TS, and TS/TS variants.


Switchable expresison pedals switch between two different expresion settings, which you can set with a pair of knobs. They are available in both latching and momentary verions, and in TRS and TS configurations.

Check out a demo video for the latching switchable expression contoller here, and the momentary version here.

Full Size TRS

Built like a tank, The Saturnworks full size expression pedal is housed in a solid cast-aluminum wah case, and is ready for heavy-duty use.

The Saturnworks expression pedal features a durable Neutrik jack (which can be customized to be on either the right or left side) and a wah pot with a dust cover.

Please note: the configurations currently available are a TRS setup with a 100k pot, a TRS with a 10k pot, or a TS with a 10k pot. The TRS configurations will work with Strymon, Boss, EHX, and many  other devices that spec a TRS expression, which is the most common configuration. The 10k TS setup works with Line 6 devices. 

The Saturnworks expression is also available in a several colors (please inquire about available options).

Full size expression pedals are custom made-to-order. The turnaround time is approximately two weeks.

Expression Control Switch

The expression control switch allows you to use a single expression pedal to control up to three different devices. Connect your expression pedal and your devices into the switch and use the toggles to select which device you would like to have access to the expression pedal. The pedal comes in either a TRS or TS version. You must ensure that any device you connect is compatible with your expression pedal. Please note: the controller is designed to only have one device active at a time.

Check out a demo of the momentary expression switch here.

Check out a demo of the latching expression switch here.

Micro Expression Switches

The micro expression switches simulate the max heel-down and max toe-down positions of a full size expression pedal, but in a micro package. They are available in TRS 100k or 10k configurations. Check out a demo of the micro expression pedal here.

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Compact TRS, Compact TS, Micro TRS, Micro TS, Double A TRS TRS, Double A TRS TS, Double A TS TS, Double B TRS TRS, Double B TRS TS, Double B TS TS, Switchable Latching TRS, Switchable Latching TS, Switchable Momentary TRS, Switchable Momentary TS, Full Size TRS 100k, Full Size TRS 10k, Full Size TS 10k, Triple Expression Control Switch TRS, Triple Expression Control Switch TS, Micro Latching Expression Switch TRS 10k, Micro Latching Expression Switch TRS 100k

3 reviews for Expression Pedals

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    J.D. (verified owner)

    Thank You Saturnworks team!
    I just received the compact TRS expression knob in perfect condition. I’ve had only bad experiences with other brands and their expression pedals in the past but this expression knob has given me the control over my effects that I’ve been looking for! I have now tested it with an EHX Memory Boy, EHX PitchFork, EHX Holy Stain, and the EQD Rainbow Machine and it performs perfectly with all four effects (not all at the same time obviously!). It really adds a ton of character to the Memory Boy and PitchFork. Saturnworks has already posted a video about the Memory Boy. The Saturnworks Expression Knob also really opens the possibilities of pitch-shifting with the PitchFork. I can now “tune” the pitchfork to go beyond its face shift values and now i can dial in minor 3rds, minor 6ths, major 7ths, triads, and any of those and more going several octaves up and/or down!!! and it can control the momentary glide time in the PitchForks unlatched mode….just absolutely out-of-this-world control with this neat little knob. I think i’m going to velcro it to the pickguard of my strat. My measurements suggest that the whammy bar will still rotate a full 360 degrees 🙂 The micro version of your TRS knob must be “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” size 😛

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Simon (verified owner)

    Got the micro sized TRS expression pedal for my EHX Memory Boy. It’s tiny! But it does exactly what it should. International order was a completely trouble free experience.

  3. Sunsinger

    The volume knob on my OB-6 keyboard sucks. I plugged one of the Compact TRS into the expression of the keyboard. It works waaay better than the stock knob on the OB, and
    it does a better job of graduating he volume. More definition. And NO tedious use of a footpedal. I use it on my Voyager too. And it works on many of my guitar pedals.

    I need more of these!

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