Kill Switches


Kill your signal in style with Saturnworks momentary or latching kill switches.

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Soft Touch Momentary Kill Switch, Latching Kill Switch, Latching Kill Switch with LED, Arcade Switch, Momentary + Latching

Saturnworks kill switch pedals allow you to turn off your signal with a soft touch footswitch, a latching footswitch, or an arcade switch.

The soft touch and arcade switches can produce a ‘stutter’ effect. Holding down the switch kills the signal. It comes back on when you release it. The micro soft touch version provides the same soft-touch momentary on/off functionality, but in a tiny 2″ x 2″ enclosure.

The reversed soft touch switch works like the regular version, except (you guessed it) in reverse. With the the reversed version, the signal is normally off. Holding down the switch turn the signal on. It turns off again when you release the switch.

The latching version allows you to click your signal on/off and leave it. This can be useful if you need to quickly walk away from your rig, make adjustments, unplug and reconnect components, etc. The latching versions with an LED adds an LED that easily indicates when your signal is on/off.

The momentary + latching version is available in either a horizontally or vertically oriented layout.

The latching + momentary + reversed kill switch version combines all three types of kill switches in one pedal–three separate switches with triple functionality. If the latching switch is in the on position, the regular momentarily switch kill switch turns the signal off. If the latching switch is in the off position, the reversed momentary kill switch momentarily turns on or ‘revives’ the signal.

Kill Switch Looper (Momentary or Latching)

The combination kill switch/looper adds either a latching or momentary kill switch as a second switch along with a single true bypass looper. The momentary version is soft-touch switch that can create a stutter effect, or momentarily switch off the signal for whatever reason you’d like. The signal is off while you’re holding down the switch. The latching switch can be toggled on or off. The latching version includes an LED that indicates when the signal is off. With the LED version, the switches themselves don’t require power. The power, provided by a DC jack, is only needed to make the LED light up.

A/B + Latching Kill switch

The A/B + latching kill switch combines the functionality of an A/B switch and a latching kill switch into one compact package. The A/B can be used to switch your signal to different amps, or it can be hooked up in reverse to switch between different instruments.

Upgrades and customizations

Saturnworks offers a wide variety of upgrades and customizations. Check out our customizations and upgrades page, or contact us for details.

Please note: The pedals in the images are stock photos and not the actual pedals you will receive. The pedals you receive may vary in their graphics, knob colors, and/or LED colors, where applicable. We have our graphics options here.

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