The Saturnworks reamp converts a line-level balanced signal to an instrument-level unbalanced signal, so that it can be sent through a guitar amp and/or pedals.

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Reamp like a pro with a Saturnworks reamp.

The Saturnworks reamp box converts a balanced line-level TRS signal (not unbalanced stereo) from a device such as a mixer or interface to an unbalanced instrument-level TS signal, so it can be put through guitar pedals and amps.

Reamping allows you to record a clean track and send it back (re-amp) it through a guitar amp/pedals to tweak it/add the effects., which has a library of useful articles on a variety of audio-related topics, has a useful article on how reamping works here. Reverb also has more info here.

Looking to up your reamping game? The ‘black’ reamp features upgrades including a sleek black power coated enclosure, a premium Switchcraft output jack, and an aluminum volume knob.

The double reamp features two separate reamp circuits in the same enclosure to double your reamping pleasure!

The reamp features:

  • High-quality Neutrik jacks.
  • A sturdy cast-aluminum enclosure.
  • An Edcor USA transformer. Edcor is a small audio components manufacturer in New Mexico that makes these pro-grade transformers to order.
  • A passive design does not require external power to operate.
  • A ground lift helps with noise issues.
  • Available with either a 1/4″ TRS or XLR input.
  • A volume control on the TS output.
  • Handcrafted and bench-tested in California, USA.
  • A one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Because we know you want your pedal to reflect you, Saturnworks offers a variety of premium upgrades. Customizations and upgrades include powder-coated enclosures, upgraded jacks, and custom graphics. Check out our graphics and customizations page for more information.


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