Black Series



Paint it black.

Our new black series isn’t so much as specific product, as much as making your pedal into the most premium piece of gear it can be.

To upgrade your pedal into a Saturnworks black series, we give it every top-of-the-line upgrade possible. Black series upgrades include:

  • Soft click latching switches, where applicable. These switches are extremely quiet and rated for 40x the operational life of standard switches! Click here to see these amazing new switches in action.
  • Premium momentary switches, where applicable.
  • A powder coated black enclosure.
  • Switchcraft jacks. Made in the USA, these premium jacks are the highest quality jacks on the market.
  • Aluminum knobs.
  • Chrome LED holders.

We will add images of black series pedals as we build more.

If you see a pedal on our site that you would like to have upgraded to be a black series device, please contact us and we will quickly send you a quote.