Easy switching from one input to two outputs or two inputs to one output.

The A/B pedal can switch a single guitar between two amps, two chains of pedals on a pedalboard, or can be used as a mute or tuner out.

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Most A/B pedals simply leave the unused signal open. Saturnworks A/B pedals ground the unused signal. This requires more expensive switches and a lot more wiring, but the result is an extremely quiet top-quality switch.

The LED versions feature a bright bi-color LED that allows you to easily see which input is active. The 9v version is large enough to fit a 9v battery and also features a metal battery holder.

The stereo A/B pedals feature pairs of TS jacks, for stereo switching applications.

TRS A/B pedals, which use TRS jacks, are useful for stereo applications. They can also be useful for switching applications with TRS expression pedals.

The A/B input/output + FX loop switch is a fairly specific but handy application. It switches between two inputs A/B style, sends the signal though a hardwired loop, and then to an A/B output–all on the same switch. This would be useful if you had two instruments, which you wanted to switch between two amps, but still using the same pedalboard. For example, it would be used if you switch between a guitar and a keyboard, and you want the guitar to go to a guitar amp, your keyboard to go to your keyboard amp, but you want both to share the same pedalboard.

Saturnworks pedals may be customized with various graphics, LED colors, and select component upgrades. Check out our graphics and upgrades page for more info.

Saturnworks A/B pedals include boutique grade parts and features including:

  • A compact 1.5″ x 3.5″ (2.5″ x 4.5″ for battery and stereo versions) cast-aluminum enclosure saves space on your board.
  • A unique wiring configuration grounds the unused signal. This cuts down on noise that can be caused by standard pedals that simply leave the unused signal open.
  • High quality switches.
  • Heavy duty Neutrik jacks.
  • A passive design that does not need power to function. Only optional LEDs require power.
  • Handcrafted and bench-tested in the USA.
  • A 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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