Custom Work

A sampling of some custom Saturnworks pedals…

Most of our custom work is posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can follow us for the latest info on projects and promotions. 

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An active mixer with arcade-style kill switches.

“Couldn’t be happier with it! Seriously exactly what I wanted, thanks a ton for doing this for me!” –Jordan

A pair of custom jellyfish-themed pedals, one with a light-up baseplate.

A pair of mean looking pedals heading to Australia.

A custom ‘hermit’ label and textured black enclosure on a volume looper. The pedal also features a yellow LED on the hermit’s lantern.

Glowing expression video here.

A custom expression pedal with a custom graphic, a textured black enclosure, and a transparent baseplate with internal LEDs that glow purple when the knob is turned one way and orange when it’s turned the other.

Custom IC (op-amp) 70s Big Muff replica. 

For decades the IC Big Muff was seen as the runt of the Big Muff family. Players thought that the IC version sounded too harsh and not Muff enough. That was until it was revealed that Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame used an IC Big Muff to create the famous wall-of-fuzz sound on Siamese Dream. Now original IC Muffs are highly sought after (and expensive) and the black sheep op-amp version has joined the pantheon of legendary Big Muff tones.

This pedal was built for a Pumpkin head friend looking to recreate the legendary Siamese Dream sound. It features knobs sourced from the original NYC manufacturer who supplied the knobs on the 70s Muff, a painted silver-sparkle enclosure, and unlike the original version, which boosted your signal even when turned off, is true bypass.

A dragon blender looper with a switchable clean boost and compressor. 

This active blender looper toggles between a clean boost or an Orange Squeezer compressor circuit to drive the loop’s input. This type of configuration, which juices the loop’s input, is useful when working with gated pedals – the EHX Micro Synth, for example, which works better with a  compressor before it.

The pedal features a custom black textured enclosure, a custom dragon graphic, custom metal knobs and a yellow LED.

It’s awesome, looks good, and works great. Shawn (Riverside, CA)

custom cthulu blender

A Cthulhu custom label with a black textured enclosure, metal knob, and custom LED color.

I’ve just got to tell you man…I am so in love with the blender you made for me. I get compliments on it all the time. It means a lot to me to have a one-of-a-kind item from such a splendid businessman and human being.

Paul (Missouri, USA)

A replica of a Foxx Tone Machine, in a textured black enclosure.

star trek mixer

An active mixer inspired by the 1960’s Star Trek starship aesthetic.

It works great!  I have LOTS of headroom (across all four lines), I’ve never had this much control over the channel’s volumes like this, I used to come up WAY short on at least 1 channel, and usually 2.  It’s really a little beast (the mixer, AND the way it works with the looper and splitter)..Thanks for EVERYTHING (you really did me right). –Big King Bud (North Carolina, USA)

Red Baron

This custom “Red Baron” pedal combines an Orange Squeezer compressor, an EHX LPB-1 and a Rat, built for Jeromy Darling.

A replica of an original Boss DS-1, the single op-amp (TA7136P) version.

A suite of pedals for local (Davis, CA) musician and producer Toby Seeger: A Mastodon Fuzz, an Octavia, and an auto wah.

A custom switch for musician/producer Matt Williams.

This pedal switches between two inputs (with volume controls on both channels), sends the signal through a true bypass loop, and then switches between two outputs. It also features a tuner out.

Bryan Wallis, creator of Saturnworks pedals, makes quality pedals by hand. His tap-tempo and expression control pedals allow me to get the most functionality out of my rig…

Check out Matt’s full review of this and other Saturnworks pedals.

Blender/Booster with Double Tone Controls

This pedal features an active blender, a clean boost, a tone control knob, and an extra ‘body’ knob.

3 thoughts on “Custom Work

  1. This pedal is amazing!!! Exactly what I wanted. Bryan at Saturnworks was great, very patient and helpful. What I needed was slightly unorthodox and he made it happen. I have one other Saturnworks pedal on my board so I knew the build would be top notch, but I was still blown away by the quality and attention to detail. Thank you Bryan!!

  2. Just got a custom two momentary button/two input pedal from Bryan, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! From communication, to price, to turnaround time, everything was just completely seamless. Thanks for such solid craftsmanship, and an all around great experience. I’ll definitely be a returning customer.

  3. I sent a “napkin drawing” and got back exactly the custom loop switch box that I wanted. The build is solid, it looks awesome and the price was reasonable. The delivery time for my little project was good too. This is the way it oughta be! Thanks Bryan!

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