Cosmic Wah


A wah pedal with five selectable tonal ‘voices,’ as well as tweakable tone controls for a pedal that spans the wah universe.

Watch the demo.



The Saturnworks Cosmic Wah is a super wah pedal that covers the entire wah universe. The Cosmic Wah features a selectable voice control that gives you five different wah voices: from low and growly to high and piercing with every wah emanation in between. The Saturnworks wah also features an external gain control so that you can match the level of your bypass signal, or give it a slight boost.

Inside, the Cosmic Wah pedal features trimpots that adjust Q-control, ‘honk,’ and ‘saturation.’ These allow you to fine tune the perfect wah tone. The Cosmic Wah can also be customized to have any of these internal controls set as external knobs, for the ultimately tweakability.

Contact moc.s1529336545ladep1529336545skrow1529336545nruta1529336545s@ofn1529336545i1529336545 with any questions and to inquire about customization options.

Saturnworks…it’s cosmic, man.

Cosmic Wah Pedal Demo



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