Aux Switch


Sturdy 3-button controllers for your Eventide and Digitech devices. It also replaces the TC Helicon Switch-3.

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Aux switches are 3-button footswitches used to control Eventide and Digitech devices. The aux switch replaces the Digitech FS3X, with three buttons for ‘up,’ ‘down,’ and ‘mode’ functions.

The aux switch also works as a replacement for the TC Helicon Switch 3 pedal.

The aux switch must be connected using a TRS (stereo) patch cable. If you need a TRS cable, we have them available here.

The aux switch comes in two sizes. Both are functionally identical. The larger ‘BB’ size (4.7″ x 3.7″) simply allows a bit more space between the switches, while the smaller ‘B’ size (4.4″ x 2.4″)┬ásaves on┬áspace.

The Saturnworks aux switch features boutique-grade components, including:

  • Heavy duty soft-touch footswitches
  • A Neutrik TRS jack
  • Silver-plated military-spec wire

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